When I look up articles, research and information to include on abusedmen.org, I sometimes come across certain red flags that cause me to take the material with a grain of salt.

For example, today I started reading an article that, in the first paragraph, used the phrase “feminist propaganda.”

This is wrong, and I stopped reading right then and there. I don’t trust anyone who uses that phrase.

It’s true that such a thing as “feminist propaganda” exists, but it’s also true that propaganda exists for every considerable cause out there. There are Democrats, liberals, animal rights people, vegans, etc., who go off the rails and repeat or develop propaganda, as opposed to being reasonable and rational Democrats, liberals, animal rights people, vegans, etc. This doesn’t mean that we should throw away all the Democrats, liberals, animal rights people, and vegans who are trying to do good things without getting all up in everyone’s faces and trying to Take Over The World.

I consider if wrong to use the phrase “feminist propaganda” because I support feminism – real feminism. The feminism that is about protecting young girls in under-developed countries from sexual abuse and mutilation. The feminism that promotes equal pay for women and men in the workplace.

People who use the phrase “feminist propaganda” either don’t understand feminism or have something against the idea of women being equal and independent. At least, this has been my direct experience. I have on occasion blocked people on the Facebook page because they kept posting things about “feminist propaganda” and how feminism is somehow evil. That’s just messed up, and I will have no part of it.

So you will never find any articles posted to this site that use the phrase “feminist propaganda.”