You are not alone.

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Welcome to Abused Men Dot Org. I created this site out of frustration with the existing system, in which there continue to be untold numbers of male victims of intimate partner violence with nowhere to go for help. In some ways, I have still not found a way to remedy the effects of having survived my own experience, even though I left my abuser in 2005. Healing can be a long journey, but it is certainly not impossible or hopeless.

Men of all kinds are welcome here. Straight men, gay men, trans men – if you identify as male and have been abused by someone who identifies as female, I want you to know that people do care. I have encountered both men and women who are aware that mainstream society only ever gets shown one half – or less – of the whole picture. We are working on that and we all hope that will change within our lifetimes.

I hope this site helps those seeking answers. Just please keep in mind that I’m just a survivor – not a health or social services professional of any kind. I just do what I can.

The goal of my efforts with this site is to not only do my part to end domestic violence, but also to help change the misconception that domestic violence is “violence toward women.” Domestic violence is violence against a partner or family member by another partner or family member. Intimate partner violence is more specific and is only about one partner abusing another. Violence toward women is only one part of the entire picture of domestic violence. Domestic violence does not discriminate. It has affected people of all kinds and genders.

Before you can safely look for help, you need to be at a safe distance from your abuser. If you are not, please find a public library, visit a trusted friend, or make sure your abuser is not home when doing an online search for help. You should also clear your browser’s history and cache when you are done, if you share a computer with your abusive partner.

This site and my efforts are not affiliated in any way with any “men’s rights” organizations.